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Mia Bergeron | "Layering The Painting In Oils"

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    "I truly believe each artist works and learns differently. We are taught from a young age to draw within the lines, to start with a more linear approach. My hope with this workshop is to show another way, a way that veers into a place of exploration, curiosity, and surprises. I like to think of my technique as a sort of "free- fall", where time allows for those intuitive marks to come to the surface. This method of painting is basically the opposite of alla-prima painting; there is no need to get everything correct from the start. What unfolds when we allow for this exploratory mindset is this beautifully textured and layered tapestry of time and decisions on a canvas." - Mia Bergeron

    1. Palette (07:05)
    2. Color Mixing (27:27)
    3. Starting The Painting (08:40)
    4. Finding The Values (28:25)
    5. Sculpting The Paint (25:57)
    6. Refining The First Layer (33:48)
    7. Beginning The Second Layer (25:46)
    8. The Final Painting (29:13)
    Video Specs:
    • Unlimited Streaming Access @ 1080p
    • Over 3 Hours of Instructional Content


    "I first met Mia late in my career as a painter. I had had many instructors over the years and had majored in fine art in college. Mia showed me that one never ever stops learning. She challenges me to step outside my comfort zone, to understand that I can experience new ways of seeing and that rules are made to be broken. And she lives her passion. Any opportunity to learn from this amazing teacher is a gift." -Elizabeth Allen

    Mia Bergeron

    Mia Bergeron is a contemporary female oil painter focused on the dualism of everyday scenes. Rooted in her upbringing in New York City with continuous exposure to modern art at a young age, her paintings also reveal her choice to study classical painting in Florence, Italy. Throughout her work, influences of both contemporary and historical ideas can be seen, whether rooted by her choice of subjects or the exploratory nature of the tools she employs. Her work seeks to show the nebulous aspects of being human, often choosing to pose a question rather than pursue an answer.