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Steve Kim | “Exploring Process Through Oil Paint and Digital Media”

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    "This workshop charts the progress of two portrait pieces, one with oil paint on canvas and one digital work in Photoshop. I approach these pieces with the exact same mindset as I approach my personal work. The basics of each medium is covered in this workshop, from the steps I take in a photoshoot to process, materials, and color 'theory' in both physical and digital domains. I also give suggestions for further self-expression and self-studying. Along the way each technical, practical, and formal consideration will be examined in an artistic context. In isolation, all information no matter how novel is inert and unmoving, but if they move us they can shed light on our own creative motivations. Our own interest is what illuminates the path; it is through artistic process that we find ourselves able to traverse it." - Steve Kim

    1. Photoshoot Session with Maria Menshikova (08:27)
    2. Photo Selection (14:02)
    3. Materials and Color Mixing (16:43)
    4. Oil Painting + Inserting a Digital Grid with Photoshop (18:10)
    5. Continuing The Oil Painting - 1 (59:54)
    6. Continuing The Oil Painting - 2 (57:51)
    7. Digital iPad Illustration Session (11:12)
    8. Digital Illustration Pt. 1 File Setup (13:05)
    9. Digital Illustration Pt. 2 Color, Shapes,Technical Details, and Creative Problem Solving (36:20)
    10. Digital Illustration Pt. 3 Selecting + Creative Decision Making (18:15)
    11. Digital Illustration Pt. 4 Creative Decision Making Cont. (01:08:38)
    12. Digital Illustration Pt. 5  Finishing The Illustration (37:23)
    • Unlimited Streaming @ 1080p
    • Over 6 Hours of Instructional Content

    Steve Kim ||