Kate Zambrano is a fine artist based in California specializing in realistic portrait art and figurative art. Her work is a continual attempt to combine what she finds infinitely beautiful, vulnerability and strength together.

After leaving Texas at age seventeen, Kate studied psychology briefly in college before discovering that she was, in fact, more fascinated with the subject than the actual career. She moved to New York where she began to work frequently as a model to explore a new path of imagination. She loved working with other creatives to build a fabricated atmosphere.

These experiences shaped some of Kate’s biggest inspirations. Her work is a personal study of human psychology and complexity. She creates melancholic body languages and expressions, capturing the nuanced truth that we can’t help but communicate with our subtleties.

CV / Exhibitions:

(2014, 2015, 2017) 2019 - Moleskine Show, Spoke Art, San Francisco, CA

2017 - American Art Collector, feature publication

2017 - Solo Show, Modern Eden, San Francisco, CA

2016 - Curator for Drawing Show, The Hamptons, NY

2015 - American Art Collector, feature publication

2015 - Solo Show, Haven Gallery, NY

2014 - Criterion Collection, cover and booklet artwork for 'The Innocents'

2013 - Last Rites Gallery, NY