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Mariia Menshikova | "Digital Painting From Imagination"

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    "In this workshop, I share my whole process of creating a digital portrait from start to finish by utilizing Photoshop as a tool for creating artwork.

    It includes a full breakdown of how I create one of my illustrations from the sketching to the rendering phase, to adding color and textural elements, then to applying my adjustments in Photoshop.

    I also share some tricks, tips, and thoughts about my artistic process. An example of this is by showing the viewer how to use watercolor and acrylic textures to give depth, and sophistication to a piece.

    I hope this workshop will give you the tools you will need to complete your own digital masterpiece!" - Mariia Menshikova


    1. Creating Brushes (07:24)
    2. Pre-Adjustments (11:07)
    3. Starting The Sketch (08:40)
    4. Rendering The Base (26:53)
    5. Rendering Part 2 (35:49)
    6. Rending Darker Shades (33:30)
    7. Adjusting The Lighting (38:15)
    8. Adding The Details (32:03)
    9. Incorporating Color and Texture (57:15)
    10. Background and Final Touches (39:22)
    Video Specs:
    • Unlimited Streaming Access @ 1080p
    • Over 4.5+ Hours of Instructional Content

    Mariia Menshikova

    Mariia Menshikova is an illustrator and visual artist primarily focusing on digital media. She experiments with traditional media such as acrylic and watercolor, and incorporates textural elements to give her work a more tangible look and feel. Subtle visual metaphors in her work deepen the psychological aspects, and act as a funnel to convey a message linked to the subconscious. She explores emotion, conflict, and nostalgia throughout sensual portraiture and atmospheric scenes, always with a touch of mystery and sometimes chthonic, folklore motifs.

    Born in Russia, she is a self-taught artist that began her career at the age of 14. She then gathered a vast amount of experience working at various design and advertising agencies as a creative illustrator in Russia, and Netherlands.

    She currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

    Her work has been nominated for an ADC Young Guns award. She's been published, and featured by New Republic, Slanted Magazine, Creator’s project, Design Collector, Supersonic Art, “Russian illustration” book, POW!WOW! Worldwide etc.

    She has shown in galleries internationally including exhibitions in Tokyo, and Moscow.