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David Cheifetz | "Oil Painting Basics"

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    Learning how to paint with oils can be an intimidating prospect. This comprehensive course sets out to clarify and demystify the application of this beautiful medium for even the most inexperienced beginner.


    David Cheifetz's method is simple and direct. He paints with a wet-on-wet "alla-prima" approach, a style that is very friendly to the novice artist with no concerns over drying times and complex layering.


    From what paint to use, to how to hold a brush, to the secrets of painting a realistic form, Cheifetz will guide you through his uncluttered and powerful approach to oil painting. You are in good hands to launch your painting journey or to sharpen your existing skills.


    1. Introduction
    2. Easels and Lighting (04:13)
    3. Materials (35:33)
      • Surfaces
      • Paints
      • Medium
      • Solvent
      • Ventilation
      • Knives
      • Brushes
      • Soap
      • Mahl Stick
      • Palettes
      • Phonebook for Mixing
    4. Laying Out Paints (04:34)
    5. Framing and Varnishing (18:11)
    6. Brush Painting Demo #1 – Pt.1 Toning The Panel (06:27)
    7. Brush Painting Demo #1 – Pt.2 Shape of Shadow + Painting The Light (26:41)
    8. Brush Painting Demo #1 – Pt.3 Adding The Background + Refining + Painting The Dark (21:17)
    9. Brush Painting Demo #1 – Pt.4 Final Touches (16:35)
    10. Knife Painting Demo #2 - Pt.1 Shape of Shadow (15:13)
    11. Knife Painting Demo #2 - Pt.2 Painting The Light (29:35)
    12. Knife Painting Demo #2 - Pt.3 Adding The Background (12:26)
    13. Knife Painting Demo #2 - Pt.4 Refining + Painting The Dark (54:19)
    14. Knife Painting Demo #2 - Pt.5 Final Words (01:38)
    15. Storing Oil Paints (06:05)
    16. Bonus - Obliterating The Painting (00:43)


    • Unlimited Streaming @ 1080p
    • Over 5 Hours of Instructional Content


    "David's workshop on still life composition was excellent, and left me with many new ideas and techniques to incorporate into my own work. He is a superb, perceptive, and patient instructor, who is able to intuit the best approach for each student. His suggestions were invariably helpful, and he is adept at offering solutions and "next steps" tailored to each painter's needs, as well as gently introducing new and more effective approaches."
    - Brie Dodson

    "I just finished a David Cheifetz workshop, and all I can say is WOW! David has a very unassuming way of teaching, that coaxes you to think about how best to apply his techniques to your work. I knew I would enjoy his tutelage, but I am blown away, trying to process all that I learned in just three days painting with him. I highly recommend Mr. Cheifetz's workshops for the beginner or advanced artist. It is so rare to find an instructor who shares their talents in a way that is easy to understand and apply in your own work."
    - Debra Keirce

    "As a professional portrait painter I make a point of taking regular workshops and classes to help stretch & refine my technique. I have been lucky enough to take some amazing classes with painting luminaries such as Robert Liberace, Dan Thompson & Daniel Sprick. I am usually happy if I take one or two new ideas away from a workshop. The recent workshop I took with David Cheifetz however was a total "game changer" for me. I am still reeling from the amount of information I absorbed over the course of 3 days with him. Many of the approaches he presented were new to me and deeply thought provoking. If you want to learn how to paint thickly & with intent, Cheifetz is the instructor for you". 
    Suzanne Lago Arthur

    David Cheifetz