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Daniel Segrove | "Acrylic Basics and Extended Techniques"

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    When engaging in the artistic focus of classic portraiture, it is often the best course of action to begin with the fundamentals and expand out, by exploring the subject from an ever growing adventurous perspective. 


    Artist Daniel Segrove is here to help guide you through the basics, providing you with the foundation needed, to then  break through and elevate your unique style with some of his boldest personal techniques. 


    Acrylic painting is its own animal—It has a more immediate effect than oil paint but is much more malleable than watercolor. Acrylic paint “plays well” with others, and is an incredibly valuable creative tool to have under your belt. Painting with acrylics lends itself  exceptionally well to mixed media experimentation, and there is no better teacher to have at your side through such experimental roads, than Daniel himself.


    In this workshop, Daniel will help you understand the unique properties of acrylic paint, how to apply expressive brush strokes, and integrate left of center mixed media techniques that will prove useful for the rest of your artistic career.


    “Acrylic Basics and Extended Techniques by Daniel Segrove” provides each student with tried and true steps needed to approach any subject matter with your own personal style, and with a level of confidence that will last a lifetime!


    1. Laying Out The Drawing - (57:10)
    2. Preparing The Paint - (03:43)
    3. Laying In The Paint - (27:48)
    4. Sculpting The Features - (24:48)
    5. Sculpting The Features PT. 2 - (14:09)
    6. Sculpting The Features PT. 3 - (13:03)
    7. Layering The Details - (28:21)
    8. Layering The Details PT. 2 - (27:18)
    9. Filling Out The Structure - (24:54)
    10. Defining The Hands - (24:54)
    11. Defining The Hands PT. 2 - (27:26)
    12. Defining The Hands PT. 3 - (09:39)
    13. Incorporating Mixed Media - (27:24)
    14. Incorporating Mixed Media PT. 2 - (32:00)
    15. Incorporating Mixed Media PT. 3 - (26:52)
    16. Establishing The Background - (25:01)
    17. Finishing Touches - (01:55)


    • Unlimited Streaming @ 1080p
    • Over 7.5 Hours of Instructional Content


    Daniel Segrove 

    Daniel Segrove's body of work is diverse in subject, medium and content. Daniel’s explorations of traditional subjects such as portraits and the human form are unconventional. Daniel explores the use of paper in an active role, as a concept and a way of self- expression, rather than as simply a passive surface on which to draw. Experimentation and intuition create dynamic figurative works of art, juxtaposing traditional figurative realism with abstraction and minimalism, in visual and psychological contrast.


    Segrove's work incorporates oil paint, acrylic, pastel, charcoal, graphite, collage, and mixed visual disciplines.


    "My subject matter for the work focuses on the everyday, mundane or monotonous life and trying to project my own experience or significance to these ordinary scenes." Daniel Segrove is a graduate in multidisciplinary mixed media with a BFA from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco. Daniel currently lives and works in California, and has shown his work in the United States and internationally.