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Daniel Segrove | "Drawing Basics"
Daniel Segrove | "Drawing Basics"
Daniel Segrove | "Drawing Basics"
Daniel Segrove | "Drawing Basics"
Daniel Segrove | "Drawing Basics"
Daniel Segrove | "Drawing Basics"
Daniel Segrove | "Drawing Basics"
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Daniel Segrove | "Drawing Basics"

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    This workshop is a beginners guide to drawing with graphite and charcoal to create realistic three dimensional form. The videos cover a large area of information from materials, basic shapes, understanding value range then applying all this new knowledge to draw realistic images from life.


    The lessons chosen in this video are to help the viewers learn direct steps to enhance their drawing capabilities from basic shapes to more complex subject matter. The instructor breaks down each topic in detail and discusses the reasoning behind the importance of each topic. As you move forward through each demo you will start building your understanding of drawing to make informed decisions within your artistic process.


    The aim of this video is to help students grasp key fundamentals to drawing and to give students the confidence to draw with ease and comfortability. 


    1. Materials List
    2. Sighting Measurement for Drawing From Life
    3. Basic Shape Construction Lessons
    4. 5 Value Range
    5. Full Sphere Demo
    6. Full Still Life Demo


    • Unlimited Streaming @ 1080p
    • Over 5 Hours of Instructional Content



    Daniel Segrove 

    Daniel Segrove's body of work is diverse in subject, medium and content. Daniel’s explorations of traditional subjects such as portraits and the human form are unconventional. Daniel explores the use of paper in an active role, as a concept and a way of self- expression, rather than as simply a passive surface on which to draw. Experimentation and intuition create dynamic figurative works of art, juxtaposing traditional figurative realism with abstraction and minimalism, in visual and psychological contrast.


    Segrove's work incorporates oil paint, acrylic, pastel, charcoal, graphite, collage, and mixed visual disciplines.


    "My subject matter for the work focuses on the everyday, mundane or monotonous life and trying to project my own experience or significance to these ordinary scenes." Daniel Segrove is a graduate in multidisciplinary mixed media with a BFA from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco. Daniel currently lives and works in California, and has shown his work in the United States and internationally.